Been wanting to put up photos of our honeymoon roadtrip in NZ but the sd card crashed. Had back ups of it on the laptop, but that crashed too. Sent both of them to a friend hopefully they can be recovered.

NZ was just A M A Z I N G. Dont know if I’ll have the chance to go back in the future.

Updates from the wife of 6 months..

Hello! Been intending to write for a while now just couldnt find the time to. The laptop crashed beyond repair and my phone is not feeling well after it drowned in a pool in KL. Hais.. technologies.

So its been around 6 months? We just got our wedding photos album and frames last month, which was a super long wait. The quality we got wasnt exceptionally great except for the coffee table album. Both of us didnt have much expectations cos of the price we paid which helped when we looked at the finally products. Hati tak sakit sangat. Hahaha. We have yet to receive our video also which they promise to deliver within a month after delivering the photos. Give up already la.. and our album is just sitting on top of the wardrobe right now.

Life as a wife is… an eye opener. Really boils down to time management and teamwork. 

  1. Found out I dont like last minute plans when I’ve already planned to do chores after work that day. 
  2. Cooking is not my best trait but the amount of food ive been cooking for the past 6 mths is more that my anak dara days. The style of cooking is also different, now I have to infuse more complicated tastes with herbs and all. 
  3. Ive realised I like doing the laundry and wish I had a bigger washing machine and place to dry them. Lol. 
  4. Sleeping more than 6hrs on a weekday is luxury.
  5. Grown a nasal polyp in my nose eversince living with cats. I dont remember how to breathe with 2 nostrils anymore. #sacrifice
  6. We adopted a persian kitten we found by the road and named her #pluffy 

Next news..

Finally after years of being rejected, rejecting and pushed to 2nd timers, we got to book our own home! Cant wait for 2019 insyaallah!


1 month with this ‘wife’ status. Theres a lot of adjustments to get used to. I sort of got crankier one morning last week and blew up cos I wasnt having my 8hours of sleep since we became room mates. Lol. He’s not an early sleeper while I love my sleep. But he then told me to get to sleep after isyak and dont have to wait up for him. Awwww.. felt bad for blowing up at him. The husband is staying at my place with mom and he brought along Johnny, his cat. So quite a number or arrangement to be made. Surprisingly my allergies have not been very bad with him around, maybe cause we cleaned more than usual. haha. But he seems happier here playing by himself.

Back to some snippets of the wedding day…


There were some hiccups along the way but Im glad they actual day ran smoothly.

My make up for that day exceeded my expectation. My mak andam really did an awesome job although she was 30+ weeks pregnant and was there for me from 7-5pm. She also helped me wear contacts for the first time in my life! It was hard getting it in cos I have small eyes but it got in after a few tries. THANK YOU KAK SEHA!

Maybe I’ll do a review of vendors on the next post. Maybe la. 🙂

&& I’ve started to don the hijab full time starting for the wedding day. Still trying to get used to it, have received different reactions when I wore it to work the first day after coming back from honeymoon.

“Those who matter don’t mind. Those who mind, don’t matter.”

The annual vacation with the clique

This is overdued but deserves a space here beacause I looveeee them! Hahaha. 

Our clique had initially planned a trip to batam, supposedly to celebrate my bachalorette. During the initial booking I was there, they booked montigo resorts and realised that place was super strict and discussed how to fit in 7 people without extra charge. Hahaha cos we are thrifty like that. And the amount they booked was the unrefundable amount. So okaylah I thought I have to bring more comfy clothes incase kene sleep on sofa ke.. there were no updates or whatever from them up till the departure day to Batam.

Book lain, and sampai tempat lain! They went through the hassle with the booking website and picked up a fuss to get the unrefundable amount back. ❤ We got one of the seafront chalets in Nongsa village from Airbnb. It was hugeee for the 7 of us and its only 1 level. Cant imagine the 2 storey one.

Muka pagi tak mandi terus pegi swimming! Pls wear black for swimming.

They also surprised me with a 3hr spa next door. Best pe?! The chocolate scrub best giler.. but yg tak best nye, my massus keep falling asleep the last 30min while doing my foot massage. Alamak.. Got back to a surprise dinner next. We all can cook now. With the exception of me. 😂

Played our usual merepek card games pagi and malam soo funny but it could make or break the friendship. Itsokay, no hard feelings in the end cos memang dah tau perangai masing2 since secondary school and alway argue also. Lol.

So that concludes the Nongsa weekend cum Syara’s lepak bachelorette we had over the National day weekend.

17 days to go.

Darah manis

Orang tua tua cakap kalau benda yang tak diingin terjadi to you (esp when bertunang), it is darah manis.

2 weeks ago I had another round of fever and flu. The last time I had it, it took 1 month to fully recover. I didnt have 1 month this time, took all the meds and vits. Alhamdulillah within 2 weeks I was almost well.

But! The feeling of relief was short lived. This happened today.

Dah jatoh, takde orang tolong so kene bangun sendiri with mulut berdarah segala. I was only meters away from the mister at our usual meeting spot before sending me to work. Felt bad for making him late cos he had to get me plasters and send this girl home.

I was more concerned for my teeth. Is the crack deep? Will it be prone to chipping? Nanti take photos cannot smile with teeth. Saw my dentist straight away, she ketuk2 on my teeth and when she ketuk on the crack part I let out a big ouch. Tak kelakar ok the sensitivity, I didnt expect it to be so painful. Got the xray done, lucky the teeth was not fractured. It was a surface crack, nothing major but not really nice.😕 Theres nothing much they can do about it since its not major. No hard food for the next 2 weeks and need to live with this weaker tooth for the rest of my life.

Disappointed it happened but it was meant to happen. The moral of the story; Do not run when youre late. Kalau jatoh, tutop mulut.

24 days to go.

The last booking

29 days to go and Im still securing vendors. Lol. We have just secured Banjito for out ice cream live station.

It was the most reasonably priced compared to the other vendors. We just wanted ice cream, soft serve ke, apek ice cream ke… asal kan ICE CREAM. Hehe. Liasing with Atiqah was a breeze, so easy to deal with. And soo tempted to get the other desserts also but cannot, no budget.

I hope theres nothing else that we have missed out. Getting our bunga manggar this sunday. Both of us mati2 wants a white bunga manggar like those feather like and bulu bulu. Tak tau dapat ke tak. 

Ps; I am very nervous. 😔

2 days Marriage Prep Course with Suchi Success

Needed to pen this down before all the emotions fade off. Its been a week since the course. The mister and I went for the course on 20&21 Aug at their hq in paya lebar. The mister left it to me which course provider we should take. Since I did, I had a gist of the programme and I’ll try to keep an open mind. But I was also disappointed that some ‘jokes’ were repeated. Sigh.. The cons of doing too much research.

What I liked; 

  1. The couple exercises which introduced us to our different personalities. Aka diff ‘fruits’.
  2. Knowing your partner’s reactions and behaviour in certain situation eg when angry, sad etc. And what he expects you to do. Everything is a work in progress and wanting to make the adjustment. Eg the mister dont like to pick up calls, thats why every time he picks up my call, hes tone of voice will be angsty. So we can try whatsapping first, if he doesnt respond within a time frame and its impt I die2 have to call. But first must say I whatsapped you and you never reply. Lol. Something like that la.
  3. Knowing your in-laws better, or what you think you know about them.

What I didnt like;

  1. Intimacy issues were just touch base. Doas before berjimak, mandi hadas etc. They mentioned that those sessions held in masjids were more conservative.
  2. Didn’t have time to do most of their exercises in the book. (My book is like 3/4 empty!)

What it opened my eyes to;

  1. The mister and I have different priority for life after marriage, he thinks my pay is too little while I feel its just nice, if I dont spend on my wants too much.. While for me, my priority is adapting to changes after the wedding. He thinks we would have little problem while I feel we would have a big problem. LOL.

Lepas tu we got our $300 certificates! hahaha. Im glad the mister was open to joining the class although its not compulsory. In way we are on the same page to bettering ourselves for marriage life insyaallah…

Kasih Sejati by Suchi Success

Of meetings with a purpose

The mister and I managed to settle quite a few this last weekend.

#teambride’s dinner was simple on at J’s wok and grill tampines on thursday evening. The place was really empty compared to weekends. Pass them their #teambride kit which consist of a top, lippy, face mask and a misc bath item.

The reason they are #teambride and not #teambridesmaid cos 1 of them is a guy! Hahaha. He had a diff kit which consists of chocs and vits cos I really had no idea what to put in a guys kit. Discussed a few items that I needed input from, mainly of hantaran trays. I also needed to do up a detailed itinerary for them as they are soo ready to help out until they asked “Syara, then aku buat ape?” Sooo touched but feel paiseh at the same time cos I dont like to menyusahkan orang. So, I have to think of some duties for them. Sikit2 je.

The next day, the mister and I settled ROMM interview. Phewwww. Was supposed to meet at 3pm but I reached super early at 2pm. While climbing up the hill panas2, terpikir pulak, bukit tinggi ni sengaje kape? Just bcos nak kahwin kene susah2 panjat hill. Haha. I though I was early, sekali saw my dad standing at the main door. He was earlier! Alamak awkward. Due to miscomm, he thought we havent register and brought along my uncle. Haiya ni lah orang2 kanciong he said I didnt tell him he needed to bring saksi (which memang betol dont need 😑), clarified the issue and my uncle went back to work. The mister finally came at 245pm and then we took our number. When the first time our number called both of us went to the counter to verify documents eg couples and wali IC. The 2nd time our number was called, the father had to go in first then the both of us. The kadi Mohamed Khair was lemah lembut sangat. Qns he asked;

  1. Whether we have gone for the wedding prep course and we said “besok” haha. In the application for we accidentally put ‘Yes’ for that option. Tak tau sape nye keje entah.
  2. I was asked if it would be an issue for my dad to walikan the nikah since he was not staying with me.. its a sensitive question but the way he asked was beralas and tak tersinggung pon. Nope, dont think it would be a problem.
  3. He asked why this XXX exact amount for hantaran and both of us just err and looked at each other. Lepas tu he cut in “tidak mengapa saya tak perlu tau” like in the details. Hahahaha.
  4. If we have went to religious classes before during our younger days? Then we had angkat sumpah (kat keje slalu nampak org lain angkat sumpah and this time its me! Diff feeling.. )

Senang saje. The last part we were asked if there are any qns. Took the chance to ask if theres anything to take note of for the nikah day. He mentioned to us that the kadi we chose, Ustaz Nuzhan was quite popular and he might have back to back appointments on that day. Best if Pengantin, wali and saksi dont be late. If either saksi is late, he will ask anyone else to be the saksi and we might not get the cert straight after. Sedih kan. The whole things lasts aroundd 2hrs for us. Luckily I took half day and not time off.

The next day, saturday, we went attended kursus kahwin.. which is for another post cos I think I have a lot to say on that. Heee. 38 days to go.